Seth Klarman is the 15th highest-earning hedge fund manager in the world according to Forbes. He was born in 1957 who went to Cornell and Harvard Business School.


Klarman has funded both sides of the aisle with his hoards of cash. In 2016 Klarman funded nearly 150 candidates, spending $5 million total, $2.9 million of which went to Republicans. He gave Hillary the max donation of $5,400 and also gave to Joe Kennedy III, Beto O’Rourke and Kirsten Gillibrand. He and his wife Beth run the Klarman Family Foundation, which manages over $700 million in funds marked for charity. They gave out $40 million in 2016. Klarman funds neoconservative Isreal lobbies.

In 2020's Democratic primary, Klarman was one of the winecave billionaires who backed Pete Buttigieg. He was also the top donor to ACRONYM, the company that made the results reporting app Shadow. The app was used for the Iowa caucuses, the first state to vote. Malfunctions led to massive reporting errors and the chaos that ensued allowed Pete Buttigieg to prematurely declare victory and own the news cycle and the headlines for the following days. Bernie Sanders won the Iowa popular vote handily, and would go on to win New Hampshire and Nevada the following week, but the mess in Iowa muddied the headlines, and essentially robbed Sanders' of "momentum" news cycles. Pete dropped out before Super Tuesday and endorsed Joe Biden (who placed 4th in Iowa, 5th in New Hampshire and 2nd in Nevada).


Grubstakers Episode 139: Seth Klarman (Buttigieg/ACRONYM funder) 2/10/20